Neutrals and a Pop of Colour

It’s a Friday night and I had a good week(even if that started on a Wednesday). Anyways, I decided to make a “theme” of the rest of the week and I came up with this.  Disclaimer: Some pictures may be blurry, but I’d upgrade my tool of photography soon In Shaa Allah. However,  till then […]

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My Love For Pretty Scarves

Yeah I know it’s been a really long while but I really haven’t got to the school-blog balance yet. First things first,  RAMADAN MUBARAK to all my fellow Muslims out there…May we all live to witness the end of this holy month and many more of it… Just a saying by “yours truly” If you […]

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Skater Wonders

Ever felt like you needed that one piece of clothing that exudes elegance so effortlessly?? Well I do everyday and today wasn’t an exception.. So I decided to go all out and try out this pocketed skater skirt. ​ Made with soft chiffon and drapes well, this pocketed skater skirt will give you a to-die-for […]

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First Post/Jacket-Kimono Love

OMG I am so mortified that this is my first post in 2017 and I’m writing this because I’ve got a test in like 8 hours and my brain feels like it’d explode anytime soon… School has been more hectic and stressful in all ways than usual…I’m practically just hanging on . BUT anyways, These are […]

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Fifty Shades Of Black…With Colours

Salaam to everyone out there… Definitely been a while since I posted something and I guess that’s ’cause I’m growing more lazy????? Anyways, Black is like the only colour you’d never not find with me(and that’s confusing considering that I name Royal blue as my favourite colour?????) So this is a collection of four of […]

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Black (Outfit) Friday

The second best part of Fridays(apart from Jumaah and ending lectures early) is the morning itself when you get to dress yourself in your best…. Mostly(like so many other people), I save my best for Friday’s and the last two Fridays were totally rocked in black outfits with a touch(a real touch) of colour.. Now, […]

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The New Cool

So I said I won’t be posting pictures of me and my OOTDs for a while(because of my kinda weird resolution) BUT who says I cannot post pictures of Just OOTDs??? Makes sense right? So here’s to my sister @thatothernigeriangirl (the book freak, the awesome booktographer) giving me(indirectly) the idea of just taking my very […]

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