Restyling Outfits || How to Wear A Two-Piece in Two Ways

Versatile styling has become a major factor when shopping for clothes and since it has always been that way for me, I'm loving how more people are finally understanding the power of restyling. I have always wanted to own a two-piece ( because hello, they are 2-in-1, which means more restyling options!!), so when I [...]


Blogger Feature Series || Meet Oreoluwa of NextDoorChic

I knew it was a nice idea to feature some of the bloggers I communicate with and Absolutely love!! Thank you all for appreciating this series and now, I bring to you Oreoluwa Lawal of Next Door Chic. I also recently met Ore and it's been fun talking to her plus her love for flatlays [...]

Wardrobe Wishlist || Five Items Currently Worth Drooling Over

As I've always mentioned, I'm not what you can call a 'trend' person but I'm definitely into all these fashion statements flying around!! I've been talking about them for quite a while now, so it's only right that I do a proper post for them. Here are some of my favorites and why they appeal [...]