How To Wear Your Back-To-School Look

Good Morning Dearies!!! It’s a Saturday morning and here I am, lazing around for the last time because my weekends are gonna get busy from now on. I recently resumed for another semester and even though it’s going to get really busy soon, I’m determined to make it all work and have a new blogpost up here every Saturday. 

I hope you all stay with me and keep me on this journey.

ANYWAYS, here’s how I wore my back to school look.

My ideal look for a ‘serious student’ is that cute backpack, the nerdy glasses and my favourite boots.


Skirt: KhayY Clothing

BodyTop and Scarf: Hijabies Wardrobe

BackPack and Glasses: Local Store

Boots: Steps Store in KSA

Basically, just throw on some neutrals, add a bit of colour, the camou pattern gives off a daring vibe and the boots completes the look. This is definitely my favourite picture. Just marvel at the wall.

If you decide to go all black and grey and spooky, this definitely sums up how you’d look. Simply Stunning.

Back With A Bang

Walls are cool, Stairs are even cooler.

Backpacks indicate some kind of ‘seriousness’. It’s really just an added bonus when they are so cute.

Smiling because I have the bestest of friends(and because I was just happy for everything).

Thanks for reading!! Are you a backpack kind of girl? What is your kind of back-to-school look? What are your go-to accessories? Comment below and let’s share looks!!!

See you next SATURDAY! !

With Love,


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